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_Can You Read_
_10 sentences_
_Mother of the Year_
_Millionaire Mentality_
Poetry4Profit LLC. is a "No MONEY NEEDED" Fundraiser company, that was established on July 4, 2020 in the Hilton Hotel, located in Fayetteville, North Carolina. The company is designed to donate and distribute  1,000 copies of each poem {1} "MILLIONAIRE MENTALITY" {2} "CAN YOU READ?" {3} "10 SENTENSES" {4} "MOTHER OF THE YEAR". Each poem is to re-sell for a 50/50 profit...henceforth..Poetry4Profit. This should allow the pledges, brothers, and alumni's attending Colleges or University affiliated with the Oldest and Largest professional business co-ed fraternity in the WORLD...... Alpha Kappa Psi, aka "AKPsi" can now raise funds for the Fraternity during the school semester. Each poem has a link attached designed to REFER each student/customer to apply for a Netspend debit Visa card & FREE $20.00 CASH...with a referral code for them to duplicate the process of referring students/people; allowing them at an early age to start "Making more MONEY without Spending more MONEY" person & one FREE $20 bill @ a time......AS IF IT WAS A PART-TIME JOB MAKING $20.00 AN HOUR!!!!
Private First Class E-3_edited.jpg
Jerome Hassan Armstrong
267 Waterdown Dr.,unit #3
Fayetteville, North Carolina 28314
HOME # (910) 920 -2388   or  CELL # (910} 651-2500
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